Delicious ways to add to your Milk Money Cocktails and other Delicious Cocktails we love but don’t currently offer. 

Please let us know if you would like us to consider adding any of these to our range.

This is one of our favourite drinks and so simple to make. 

Created by the legend that is Salvatore the ” Maestro” Calabrese, back in 1996 at the Library bar at the Lanesborough hotel in London.It is a twist on the humble White Ladyl. Why not try this at home? You dont have to drink it at breakfast time, but it helps!

50ml Verdant London Dry Gin
15ml Triple Sec orange liqueur
15ml Fresh lemon juice
1 spoon Fine Cut Marlmade
Shake all ingredients vigourously with ice, and double strain (strainer & sieve) into a chilled Martini glass  and garnish with a small triangle of toast! Enjoy.