Medium Bundle – 8 x 180ml cocktails


Please mix and match any 8 drinks to your bundle


Invisible lady – This drink is based on the classic White Lady cocktail: gin, orange liqueur, lemon juice & sugar. We use Verdant Gin from Dundee, Scottish Gin of the year 2017, in our version, with triple sec, citric acid, orange bitters, sugar and water.

11.1% Alc/vol

Mojito – We love this classic Cuban drink which is why we use Cuban rum, Havana Club Especial to be exact, combined with homemade fresh mint syrup, citric acid and water. Yes, it’s true, there’s no limes!

10.6% Alc/vol

Garden Party – We blend Ogilvy Scottish potato vodka and apple & rhubarb juice both from Forfar with our own in house made rhubarb and red chilli syrup, made with rhubarb from our garden, citric acid and water.

10% Alc/vol

Pisco Cherry sour – The Pisco Sour is drunk all over Peru. We use Barsol Primero Pisco made from 100% Quebranta grapes. Then we add some Davna cherry vodka from Poland, Angostura bitters, citric acid, sugar and water.

10.7% Alc/vol


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